What Is Tinnitus, Its Symptoms, And Treatment

What Is Tinnitus, Its Symptoms, And Treatment

Tinnitus is a very common problem that affects around 50 million adults in the United States. It is a non-auditory, internal sound that is characterized by ringing in one or both ears. The ringing sound or noise is not caused by any external noise or sound.

What Is Tinnitus, Its Symptoms, And Treatment

Tinnitus is not a serious condition that anyone can be really worried about. However, this sensation of hearing internal noises can be annoying, debilitating, or distressing. Severe cases of tinnitus can possibly interfere with a person’s ability to concentrate and it can also cause difficulty in sleeping. Left unaddressed, severe cases of tinnitus can affect your personal relationship, work, and everyday quality of life. It can even lead to psychological distress.

Tinnitus Signs

The most common sign of tinnitus is the ringing in one or both ears even without any external sound. The noise seems to be coming from inside the body and is subjective. Meaning, other people won’t be able to hear it and only the one experiencing it can consciously hear a sound.

Though mostly described as ringing, some signs may also indicate tinnitus. This includes sounds or noises like roaring, humming, buzzing, hissing, grinding, screeching, static, musical, pulsing, whistling, and clicking. 

Tinnitus can be intermittent and temporary, or chronic, continuous, and persistent. The volume and pitch of the noise are often fluctuating but they are more noticeable during periods of quiet like at night than when you are surrounded by external sounds. 

Though it can be quite annoying, tinnitus is not usually a serious condition or a disease. It can be a symptom of an underlying problem, though.  

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus treatment in Watertown starts by diagnosing the problem first. To know if you have tinnitus, you need to first visit an audiologist or a clinic that offers hearing evaluation services in Watertown NY, and have your hearing tested.

Aside from diagnosing your condition based on the signs you are experiencing, your doctor may also conduct ear examination and hearing test for adult in Watertown. This will allow your doctor or audiologist to determine whether the hearing sensation that you are experiencing is tinnitus or not.

Tinnitus is often caused by an underlying problem. Tinnitus diagnosis in Evans Mills and Watertown can help your doctor identify the primary causes of your condition. Once the underlying cause of tinnitus is already identified, you will then proceed to the treatment.

Depending on the underlying cause, tinnitus treatment may involve prompt care and treatment for an ear infection, treatment for any TMJ temporomandibular joint problems, using the best hearing aids in Watertown, relaxation techniques, wearing sound maskers, and retraining therapy.

If tinnitus is caused by too much earwax buildup, the doctor will gently remove the excess amount from your ear canal. Though earwax is an important part of your ear because it functions as a filter that protects your ears from dirt, dust, and other harmful materials, an excessive amount can cause problems. And therefore, needs to be removed. 

If the cause is the medication that you are currently taking, you need to seek advice from your doctor to know what is the option available for you. If it is caused by other underlying health conditions, like high blood pressure, the best way to eliminate tinnitus is to treat and get such condition under control. 

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