The confidence to keep moving forward using the Safety Overhead Support (SOS) System

Safety Overhead Support System consists of a high-performance, overhead aluminum track and trolley mounted to the ceiling. An attached harness protects patients from falling, which helps instill confidence. It provides support for a patient during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking therapy, balance training, and climbing stairs. These therapies can be performed with just one therapist, reducing staff time and worker’s compensation claims. It creates confidence in patients to keep moving forward without any support. It is designed to support a person’s body weight while providing multi-directional movement. Two patients can utilize the device at the same time, with its 45’ length providing an ideal runway for various gait, mobility, and balance exercises.

How Does SOS Works?

It works by using a lightweight harness connected to a ceiling track, patients with balance concerns can safely practice activities that would normally present a fall risk or be too difficult for a single therapist to support.

There are times when patients need to progress to more dynamic balance activities as part of their recovery, but two staff people may be needed due to the risk involved. This isn’t always possible, so the Safety overhead will allow therapists to pursue these activities independently while ensuring a patient’s safety.

Due to the Safety Overhead system, both patients and physical therapists are allowed more freedom. provides support for a patient during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, walking therapy, balance training, and climbing stairs. These therapies can be performed with just one therapist, reducing staff time and worker’s compensation claims. When used in inpatient rehabilitation, The Safety Overhead system;

This safety overhead system is our most popular option for physical therapy facilities because of its versatility and ease of use. Here are some of the benefits patients can experience:

The SOS is an overhead track and harness system designed to protect patients from falling during the rehabilitation process. Using this simple device will increase in patient and therapist safety, giving patients the confidence they need to push themselves to the next level. For Patients who need balance, conditioning, gait, neurological, strength, or vestibular therapies, the SOS can help minimize risk and increase therapist productivity by allowing a 1:1 patient to therapist ratio. Instead of using 2-3 extra therapists to help protect/support a patient during one of these therapies, therapists can treat and monitor their patients with a truly hands-free approach. This allows therapists to view total body alignment without worrying about their patients falling. This system can also be utilized in conjunction with other exercise equipment such as; treadmills, balance boards, obstacle courses, and more.

SOS system works great for the following type of patients: Amputees, Cerebral Palsy, Joint Replacement, Multiple Sclerosis, Organic Brain Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Paraplegic, Post-Operative, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and much more!

What To Expect From Physical Therapists in SOS?

At East Coast, SOS Physical Therapists are expertly trained to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal disorders. We develop a progressive, step-by-step treatment plan, utilizing The Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. You will receive one-on-one treatment and you will see the same physical therapist every session. We’ll carefully evaluate and re-assess your symptoms to ensure you feel better as quickly as possible. We’ll empower you with helpful guidance so you will know how to sustain your improvement over time with exercise you can do at home.

Custom Configuration – to suit your facility and need

In SOS, there can be custom configured to your facility, complementing the existing equipment safety plan. Install as a simple loop for continuous ambulation over ceilings or through parallel bars, or add side branches for equipment-specific stations to include treadmill exercise or balance training. Various patients suffering from various diseases that can benefit from SOS.

Patients that can benefit from the S.O.S. include:

Why is the Safety Overhead Support System Better For Therapy?

Safety Support Overhead is best for the therapy of patients with any physical disorder because it can allow them to step ahead of improvement minimizing the risks of falling and going back. The subject demonstrated improvements in the areas of speed, balance, and confidence at the end of the treatment intervention, which was maintained by one month post-treatment. These results suggest that use of the SOS (Safety Overhead Support System) with a focus on gait mechanics and balance benefited the subject, improving her overall function.

Long Term Benefits

  • Boosts Confidence
    Reduces fear of falling, allowing the patient to take the next step.
  • Natural Range of Motion
    Allow for natural movement for the patient and does not require the use of the upper body as to when using parallel bars.
  • Ultimate Safety
    The Safe atmosphere for balance and gait training. Makes falls a thing of the past.
  • Advanced Therapy = Faster Healing
    Patients will be able to rehab quicker and return to full strength in less than average time.
  • User-Friendly = Happy Patients
    A Safety harness can be put on easily from a standing or sitting position.

A Trusted Physical Therapy Solution

For people with a major or minor disability, Safety Overhead Support Therapy is the best treatment. Our physical therapists are experienced in helping patients achieve their personal physical goals. Whether you’re a senior citizen trying to maintain your mobility or an athlete in recovery, SOS provides total orthopedic care for physical therapy patients. 

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