Distinguishing Between Cheap and Affordable Hearing Aids

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Approximately 16 percent of Americans are experiencing difficulty in hearing. If after a hearing test for adult in Watertown you found out that your hearing is indeed troubled, the best option you have is to use a hearing aid. This small, portable device is specially designed to help people who have trouble hearing hear more clearly and easily by amplifying the sound and making it more audible.

At first look, affordable hearing aids and cheap hearing aids seem to be the same. However, if you try to look deeper, you will realize that there is actually a huge difference between these two. Because choosing the best hearing aids in Watertown is critical to your ability to hear and perceive things around you, it is best to know how you can find the right device for you. Today, let us distinguish a cheap hearing aid from an affordable hearing aid.

Cheap Hearing Aids

Cheap hearing aids are often offered at a very cheap price (approximately around $50 to $100). Unfortunately, price is directly proportional to quality. Cheap hearing aids are sold at a very low price because they are typically made from cheap materials. And therefore, come with subpar quality.

Cheap hearing aids can either make the sound softer or louder. Either way, they do not serve the primary purpose of hearing aids- to amplify sounds and make them audible for the user. Instead of making it possible for you to easily and comfortably hear the sounds around you, you may experience disturbing, ear-shattering feedback screeching. Constant exposure to ear-shattering feedback screeching can make your hearing problem worse.

These cheap hearing aids are actually not a medical-grade hearing device that is designed to address hearing issues. But rather, they are considered as a personal sound amplification product or PSAP. Here are a few characteristics of cheap hearing aid:

  • They amplify both the sounds that you want to hear and those that you don’t want to hear in equal frequencies.
  • They may amplify sounds but they are not suitable for those with hearing loss.
  • They are not medical hearing devices.
  • They are low quality and made from cheap, inferior materials.
  • They are poorly fitted and uncomfortable to use.
  • They don’t come with a feedback control feature.
  • They are not FDA registered and they don’t meet the set FDA ANSI standards for medical hearing aids.
  • They don’t offer advanced hearing aid features and technology like the ability to distinguish sounds frequencies (noise and voice), and different settings for multiple listening environments.


Cheap Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable hearing aids are real, medical-grade hearing aids that are offered at an affordable price. They are made from high-quality, medical-grade materials. They are also durable and effective at addressing hearing loss issues. Here are a few characteristics of affordable hearing aid:

  • They provide greater functionality.
  • They come with background noise reduction features.
  • They are designed with automated directional microphones.
  • They can be easily adjusted to reduce high-pitched whistling sounds and feedback.
  • They are designed with multiple memories, making it possible for you to listen to different listening environments more comfortably and easily. 
  • They meet the FDA ANSI standards for medical hearing aids.
  • They are FDA-registered as a medical-grade hearing aid device.

The majority of the affordable hearing aids recommended by most of the hearing evaluation services in Watertown NY are offered at a price of only $400 to $1,200 per pair. The equally effective but more expensive hearing aids are priced at around $2000 or more.

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