Cancer Rehabilitative Care

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy develop 1:1 treatment plans that use physical activity to help cancer survivors manage the side effects of treatment and cancer-related problems, improve their daily health management and function, as well as help patients return to work and other activities.  

Our caring and knowledgeable physical therapists improve quality of life through prescribed movement, patient education, and hands on care; helping patients to recover and heal faster than they would on their own.  

Physical Therapists Can Help Improve Your:

Comfort and Well-Being: Cancer and Cancer Treatments can cause symptoms such as pain, burning sensations, numbness, tingling, cramps, spasms, and weakness.  Your Physical Therapist may use different treatment techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, stretching, and heating/cooling modalities to help decrease your pain and alleviate your symptoms. 

Daily Activities: Cancer Survivors usually increase their physical activity gradually.  Your Physical Therapist will discuss activity goals with you and use them to design a treatment program to help you reach your goals in the fastest and safest way possible. 

Bone Density: Lack of Activity and certain cancer treatments can cause weakening of your bones, which could lead to bone fractures.  Your Physical Therapist can teach you safe and effective exercises to help steadily build your bone strength and decrease bone loss.

Walking and Balance: Effects of cancer such as nerve damage, fatigue,  and loss of muscle mass can affect your walking ability and balance.  Your Physical Therapist can help improve your ability to walk using strengthening exercises, walking training, and balance activities.  At East Coast Audiology and Physical Therapy, all of our offices have a Safety Overhead Harness System so that we can keep our patients safe from falls while regaining their strength and balance. 

Strength, Flexibility, Coordination, and Motion: Tight, weak or injured muscles, stiff joints, and lack of coordination and agility is a common effect of cancer treatments.  Your Physical Therapist will create a program to teach you the correct exercises to help build your strength, flexibility, and endurance so you can perform everyday activities with greater ease.