7 Practical Ways That Can Help You Adjust to Your New Hearing Aids

7 Practical Ways That Can Help You Adjust to Your New Hearing Aids

Wearing hearing aids can immediately change your hearing. But this change can be quite confusing and overwhelming especially if it is your first time using them. Surprisingly, it can take weeks or months to get used to a new hearing aid. You may need up to four months to get accustomed to your hearing aids, to learn how to properly use them, and to get the most out of them.

Here are a few tips that can help you adjust to your new hearing aids.

1. Know the basics

Working with a professional audiologist from the Hearing Evaluation Services in Watertown NY can help make the learning curve less stiff. The audiologist will teach you the basics of using hearing aids including how to put them in or take them out, proper maintenance (e.g. cleaning and changing the batteries), adjusting the volume, and how often you need to wear them. Do your best to understand and follow these basic instructions. If you encounter any issues when using them, never hesitate to ask the assistance of a specialist.

2. Start at home

It can be overwhelming to hear different noises for the first time after you have lost your hearing especially if you have lost it gradually over several years. Start using your new hearing aids at home or in a quiet environment. Start by rediscovering the faint sounds around you like the ticking of a clock, your breathing, wind, and footsteps. Take time to readjust, interpret, and learn those sounds.

3. Familiarize your own voice

When you’ve lost your ability to hear for a long period of time, even your own voice may seem to be unfamiliar to you. Focus on familiarizing your own voice again. Try to talk to yourself, read aloud, or make a sound using your voice.

You may also experience an occlusion effect, or having your voice seem to sound loud. This is pretty normal and you will eventually get used to it. However, if your voice’s volume is too loud for you to bear or if it is bothering you, don’t hesitate to call your audiologist and get a hearing test for adult in Watertown.

4.Turn to a normal volume

When listening to the radio and watching television or video clips with audio, always turn the volume to a normal range. You can ask someone to set the volume to the normal range and try to listen to the sounds within such range.

5. Practice

Even the best hearing aids in Watertown will require you to practice to quickly get accustomed to them. Try asking for help from your friends and family. You can have one-on-one conversations first before talking with a group. Keep practicing until you become more skilled at recognizing voices, noises, and sounds as well as at operating your hearing aids.  

Another excellent way to get quickly adapt to your hearing aids is to do listening exercises. You can do so by listening to a variety of sounds. You can also try closing your eyes while listening to the sounds on your surroundings, and then identify where they are coming from.

6. Watch films with subtitles

Watching films while reading captions or subtitles and at the same time listening to words is an excellent way to help your brain practice connecting language and sounds.

7. Be patient

Your brain needs to process and get used to the sounds your ears hear to adjust. Be patient. Take it one step at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself. It won’t last long.

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